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Course for February 20

February 18, 2010

This is a second more AKC:ish practice course, intended to provide some additional practice as preparation for the local AKC trial the following weekend. I wanted to get as many different types of obstacles in as possible in case there are some dogs that can benefit from some extra practice on specific obstacles.

What is conspicuously missing is an A-frame or dog-walk. The reason for that is the limited size of the ring which really makes a dog walk impractical and that requires the use of a scaled down A-frame. Personally, I think the scaled down A-frame teaches the dogs a stride that when transferred to a standard A-frame may lead them to miss the contacts. This is probably not true for all dogs, but I am convinced it is for many. Still – the mini A-frame is available, so anyone who wants to use it can do so by replacing the #4 tunnel with that A-frame.

Another consequence of the course size restriction is that it is difficult to combine a course with some flow and the use of long and/or unidirectional obstacles in a way that requires changes of side (FC/BC/RC). The circle #7 – #8 – #9 is there to make some form of cross between #7 and #10 the most logical approach. It can additionally be a good idea, for practice purposes only, to knowingly choose routes through the course that involves crosses that, strictly speaking aren’t necessary. Of course, you wouldn’t take such a route in a trial, but if you want to practice more crosses, there are opportunities to do so on this course.

The #4 tunnel is there to encourage extra speed when approaching the #5 table, to help practice taking the table without sliding off.

There are a number of ways to make the course a bit more challenging for those who wish to do so. For instance, to practice threadles, run the course as if #2 was on the other side of the jump. Another extra challengenging weave pole entrance can be added by turning right after #15 into the #11 weaves (sequence would be … 14 – 15 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16).

The pdf version of the course is available here: AKC-prep-50×50

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