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WHAT accomplishments at ScallyWaggs!

March 31, 2010

Congratulations to the great results for the WHAT contingent at the ScallyWaggs trial. 5.55 YPS for Jigi in tunnelers is very impressive. Bogie had several nice runs. So did Xanadu and Zuzu. In fact, all the WHAT dogs had some great runs. Magic came out of trial hiatus with several Qs and his jumpers run was lightning fast at 6.5 YPS (though he did knock a few bars on that run). Mirha had two probable Platinum runs, one in tunnelers at 7.3YPS (46% faster than elite SCT) and another in regular at 5.9YPS (57% faster than eliete SCT). WHAT made a huge splash at the trial. I’m currently enjoying seeing lots of great WHAT runs while processing the many hours of video I captured, some of which probably will end up on youtube.

These great results demonstrate why so many of us love NADAC agility so much. The course designs encourage speed and smooth handling way beyond what any other venue does. There is no question the dogs love it – it makes them believe they are fast and because they believe it, they also become it.

With ScallyWaggs, it is a double bonus. Not only do you get the benefits of the NADAC venue as such, but to boot you get the friendliest, happiest and most helpful trial hosts you can wish for. The celebration of every Q and title at the ribbon ceremonies just makes all feel good. And at what other trial have you ever been served complimentary commercially catered lunch? And an actual lunch break? What a contrast to the norm where the judge has to scarf down some grubs during walk-throughs. All these things make for happy and relaxed handlers, which rubs off on the dogs who perform at their peak capacity.

Measuring the success of a trial in number of Q:s and YPS figures, this was a great trial. Adding in the SPR measure (Smiles Per Run), it was outstanding.

Put August 20-22 in your calendars for the next ScallyWaggs trial. Jeff Riedl will be judging and there will be a large contingent from the NADAC stronghold Calgary participating.

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  1. neveronx permalink
    March 31, 2010 10:43 pm

    Well Xanadu did very well on Sunday, had 3 runs and was able to Q in all three runs. But on Saturday well that was a total different story. Xanadu did not do the contacts, and out of a tunnel she stopped and looked at me with the look as you want me to do what? Well then on Sunday we did a great job, pregnant and all. I think the puppy well be able to do agility, since she has a few runs in now.
    Need one more run in Hoppers and we will have a title in hoppers novice.
    Will keep post of the puppy. Only one BIG puppy coming April 4.

  2. jigizu permalink
    April 1, 2010 3:11 am

    I especially liked the retro music that Erik Grad (the Michael Moore look-alike) played while we walked the courses. Jackson Five? Chaka Khan? The Eagles? Wow! Took me waaaaaaaaaay back.

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