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Tunnels arrive today – let’s use them

June 16, 2010

Barring the FedEx driver getting lost or other extreme mishap, our new tunnels will arrive today. So, why not use them on a course the dogs really love – tunnelers. Actually, we created two courses, the first a weavers course, and the second a tunnelers course that simply swaps out the weave pole sets against tunnels.

The courses are both 155 yards long and the standard course times are:
Tunnelers: 38.7 (Novice), 34.4 (Open), 31.0 (Elite)
Weavers: 51.7 (Novice), 44.3 (Open), 38.7 (Elite)
(plus allowances for Veteran dogs/handlers)
DRI at 100.0 or higher (fastest 5% elite in North America), aka platinum point, would be 22.1 seconds or better for tunnelers and 27.7 seconds or better for weavers.

Although we have our new tunnels, we still need more to set these courses up. With the new 15 footers, the club has 1 20 footer and 2 15 footers (plus 1 or 2 old tunnels that may be too weathered for use…) The Elvstads will bring 1 15 footer and two 20 footers and Bill offered to bring their 2 20 footers. Not sure whether Linda is planing to attend – if so, she could bring a 20 footer. If not, we can probably use the least weathered of the club’s old tunnels.

In all, we will need at least 18 tunnel bag pairs. Bill will bring bags for his tunnels, the Elvstads will bring bags for 4 tunnels, and the club should have enough to handle the rest.

So, we just need to hope for the weather forecast to hold for the weekend. Schedule says to start at 9:30 am, but I think that was a temporary adjustment due to a need to be out of the building during training inside in the winter. Several have suggested 10 am is preferred. So, let’s clear that out before Saturday.



Weavers-Tunnelers-100619 PDF

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