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Distance primer Sept 28 – Janine’s at 1pm

September 27, 2010

Tuesday will be our last opportunity of the season to use the field at Janine’s for our NADAC oriented practice, and as it looks now, the weather should be good enough to take advantage of that opportunity. Developing distance skills is one of the corner stones of NADAC agility. I’ve designed a “course” with the intent of being a good setup to start developing those skills while also being suited to enhance the skills for those teams who already have a foundation in distance handling.

I originally had a 15′ tunnel as the first obstacle, but replaced it with two hoops. Though that places two obstacles only 15′ from each other (which is inconsistent with NADAC spacing), setting them up as a straight through shot towards #3 should not cause any problems. Handlers that want to work on sending their dog from a position behind the start line (the opposite of a lead out) would consider the #2 hoop as the first obstacle.

Teams in the early stages of distance work can benefit from building lateral distance to the dog and to send the dog into the #8 tunnel from some distance. In addition to allowing you to shorten your path, being off to the side makes your body language more visible to the dog.

Teams with some experience in distance work can use the setup to enhance the communication with the dog and to extend the distance that still allows the dog to make good decisions.

As a separate exercise, turning #13 a bit clock-wise provides an opportunity to work an 8 obstacle pin wheel (1-2-3-13-14-15-16-17) from close to the hub of the wheel.

Several other paths are possible to allow practicing different cues and maneuvers.

BTW – yardage is 115yds (16 sequences x 7yds + 1 tunnel 5 yds – 2 yds adjustment for shortened distance #1 to #2)
Click on image for full scale version

Click here to download distance-3.pdf

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