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Chances at Hyline Oct 5th, 1PM

October 4, 2010

We’ll do another Chances course this week. I’ll bring out some hoops. We also need to bring out a 15′ tunnel.

I’ve drawn lines showing the 40′ and 60′ distance lines as an indication of what would be required for a 15 or 20 point bonus line.

Though not really unique, the course is a bit unusual in that it has passages even for the elite level where the dog is allowed to exit and reenter the gamble area. Usually, this is only allowed “in flow”, but in this course it would actually be legal to follow the “think outside the box” approach used by some handlers in other venues. So, an elite handler can view the course as having two separate gambles, 1-5 and 6-14. In open, #5 and #6 are outside the gamble as well, making the two gamble sections 1-4 and 7-14.

The gamble at the novice level deserves some comment. It has two “jail” sections. One is for handlers that use the allowance to get close to the exit from the #9 tunnel. Following the line may well pull the dog off of #10 or #11 as you would be running alongside but diverging from the dog’s path. A similar situation exists in the corner of the gamble line between #12 and #13. Following the line may well pull the dog out of the weaves.

Chances 20101005 – PDF

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