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Hoops, Tunnels, and Gates

November 11, 2010

Q: What do you get when you mix hoops, tunnels, and gates?
A: NADAC Extreme Games Challenge

NADAC has been talking about adding gates to the obstacle list for several years, and there were plans for a ‘Gaters class’. This whole concept has evolved and there is now a set of classes called Extreme Tunnelers, Extreme Hoopers and Extreme Chances. For the time being, these are the only classes that use gates, and the extreme classes are run at separate EGC trials. Later (possibly as early as next year) gates will be introduced to the traditional NADAC classes as well, where gates will be used as a replacement for U-shaped tunnels.

At least one of the Seattle clubs is eager to put on an EGC trial, and Arlene Courtney, who many of you have seen judging/supervising at local trials is slated to become one of the early EGC judges, which will help bring EGC activity to PNW. Even if you have no intention of entering EGC trials, and the eventual addition of gates to the traditional classes doesn’t seem to urgently call for training this obstacle, there really are many good reasons to start training with gates now.

Gates have been used for years as training aids, particularly for distance work. They can be used to clarify to the dog what direction you want her to turn, help train the option or discrimination problems, running or stopped contact performance etc. The gates both help the dog develop its skills and the handler develop handling skills.

For our next training session, we will set up gates, hoops, and tunnels to work on different performance skills for the dogs. We’ll begin with various skill sequences. If time allows, we’ll finish by setting up an abbreviated extreme tunnelers course per the diagram below.

The judging criteria for the gate obstacle can be expressed as that the handler must never be between the dog and the gate while the dog passes the gate. Also, a gate may be bidirectional (e.g. #10 in the tunnelers course below) or uni-directional (all the other gates in the diagram)

Lisa Bonker has posted some videos that are worth watching:

Also There are some EGC trial videos that may further illustrate the EGC concepts: NADAC-EGC 9/21-22/10, Extreme Games Dusty & David, EGC Hoopers at WAG, and extreme tunnelers.


If weather allows, we’ll set this up at Hyline on Tuesday at 1pm. Right now, the forecast for Tuesday is for rain, so chances are we need to move it to some time later.



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