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NADAC Extreme Games Challenge

March 22, 2011

Last Friday, we had the opportunity to try our luck at a NADAC Extreme Games Challenge (EGC) trial. EGC is essentially a separate venue but still within the framework of NADAC. In EGC, everything is ground level. No jumps, and no contacts. The only obstacles used are hoops, tunnels and gates. This makes for very fast runs, where both successes and faults happen very quickly. Scoring is done taking the run time and adding 1 second for every fault on the run, and using that time+faults number to figure yards per second. This calculated yards per second figure is compared to the standard yards per second figure (6.0yps for 20″ dogs, 5.5yps for 16″, 5.0 yps for 12″, and 4.5″ for 8″), and the score is the calculated yards per second expressed as a percentage of the standard yps (for the size of dog). There is a training benefit built in to the scoring system. The general belief is that “fixing” faults is detrimental to the confidence of the dog – it breaks the flow when you for instance go back to take an obstacle that the dog ran by, and probably does more harm than good for the dog’s understanding of its job and your handling. The EGC scoring system pretty much guarantees that fixing a fault will give you a lower score than just going on as if nothing happened. After all, the dog probably did what you cued it to, even if that wasn’t what you had intended for her to do.

There are three different classes, Extreme Chances, Extreme Tunnelers, and Extreme Hoopers. Extreme Tunnelers is essentially the same as normal tunnelers, except that there are a few gates in addition to tunnels on the course. Extreme Chances is like normal chances, except that there are only hoops, gates, and tunnels on the course. Extreme Hoopers, on the other hand, is (IMO) the most interesting and unique class. It always has an area fully enclosed by several gates with hoops as entry/exit points and two wings extending out with hoops at their ends. Usually, but not always, is this made as a circle using 16 gates with a hoop between every group of four gates plus two gates and a hoop on each side making up the wings. Below is a course map for the actual setup we had at the EGC trial last Friday, which hopefully is a bit clearer than my attempt at describing it above.  In Extreme Hoopers, the handler is never allowed to move past the two wings (I depicted this by drawing in a red handler restriction line in the diagram), and obviously, it is not allowed (nor really possible) for the handler to get inside the enclosed area. So, some distance handling is required.

I really enjoyed the Extreme Hoopers runs. Mirha seemed to think this was a weird thing to have in a trial and mentioned this several times during her first run, but she seemed to have fun and finished with a big smile, particularly when Jeff Lyons, who judged that class, complimented her on the run. She finished with no faults and 6.1 yps. (A video shot of that run is below). The other runs also went well, and we scored in all our runs, but without a doubt, the Extreme Hoopers was the most fun class.

EGC trials will be offered much closer to home soon – Elk Grove, CA is a bit of a long drive round trip… The next opportunity in PNW is in Corvallis, OR, in May with an EGC trial May 20, followed by a traditional NADAC trial May 21-22.  Some of the Seattle clubs are stomping at the bit to get started with EGC trials in Washington, so undoubtedly, there will be opportunities at Argus in the near future. I really recommend trying EGC. It really was fun.

We’ll set up some training opportunities as part of our Tuesday sessions.

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  1. Kathleen permalink
    June 28, 2011 7:06 am

    I attended a EGC workshop this last weekend at Agility Acres in Santa Rosa. It was a blast. The dog loved it, I loved it and can’t wait to start participating. Jeff and Maureen Lyon hosted the event. We got six runs each. The day was perfect. We will be participating in the July 15th event. Can’t wait.

    • Stefan Elvstad permalink*
      June 28, 2011 8:15 am

      Glad you enjoyed the workshop – Jeff and Maureen are great and have so much to teach us. I had been hoping to go to the July 15 Fun raiser, but can’t block off enough time to make it this time – we’re located right where I-5 enters into Canada, so it takes a couple of days just for the drive each way. I’m sure you’ll have a great time at the trial.


  1. NADAC FUN-raiser Extreme Games Classes – Friday, July 15, 2011 | AARF! Agility Acres Recreation Facility

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