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Weavers Saturday Sept 3rd

September 2, 2011

After a long break, we’re back for agility practice. Hopefully, the fall will be drier than the first half of the year was, so we can get plenty of practice sessions before winter. For Saturday, I’ve designed a weavers course.

Weavers is another of the NADAC courses that has the same design for all levels, albeit that the number of poles in the weave sets are varied (Elite has 12 poles in two sets, where one set is executed twice. For open, the set that is executed twice is reduced to 6 poles, and in novice, both set of poles are reduced to 6 poles).

Note that I drew in a 15pt and 20pt line. Feel free to ignore them. The 15pt line may be a bit generous, but because of the way the course runs, it isn’t necessarily much easier to work the 15pt line than the 20pt line. You could place yourself close to the line between weaves #9 and tunnel #10, but then you may not have enough room to cue tunnel #12.

The course deserves an additional comment. You will not see a course with a start and finish on the same side of the ring at a trial. To get the trials moving smoothly, courses are designed to exit on the side opposite of the start. That way, the next to run dog can get into position before the currently running dog has finished. In our practice sessions that isn’t a consideration since we let each team own the course for a set amount of time, having only one team in the ring at any time.

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