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Course maps are out

December 2, 2011

We got not one, but two sets of course maps this week. One of the sets is for an 80×100 ring, and the other is for a 70×110 ring. No problem fitting either of those at Hyline! I made PDFs of the maps, and you can fetch them  here: VT-0711-Cardinal and here: VT-0810-Stormy

The hoopers courses require 20 or 21 hoops respectively. I have 12 out there. I can pick up 8 at Janine’s and I also could bring one more of our personal ones, allowing us to do either (or both) courses.

The Weavers courses both need 5 tunnels: 4 x 15′ and 1 x 20′. That should be doable. I have purchased a repair link for the broken weave pole base, and I can bring out an extra set of 12 weaves if needed (I’ll check what is out there, maybe there is a base we can use at Hyline already).

The tunnelers courses use 8 or 9 tunnels respectively. I don’t see a way to solve that for tomorrow.

We could do a chances course if I can fit the AF into the trailer. It’ll be tight, but maybe it could work. Of the two courses, I would class one as a bit easier than the average, and the other one a bit more tricky than the average.

The jumpers courses should be no problem equipment wise. However, one of them has big changes between the different levels and so would be a bit more time consuming to set, so I would think that we would stick to just the one course.

Regular and TnG are currently out of the question – We first need to convert our dog walk. (We could use our personal one, but it isn’t an easily transported thing).

Looking at videos of peoples VT runs, there does not seem to need to be an enclosure around the ring. We may still want to use some surveyor tape or the like to delimit the ring.

For those of you who haven’t seen the information and rules for VT (Video) trial runs, the following are some of the highlights:

  • Dog needs to have a NADAC number. If you want to submit a video for judging and don’t have a number yet, you can register your dog online at
  • The VT points and titles are separate from the regular trialling points, but all the various titles and awards are available for VT runs (the titles just have a VT in front of them). That said, if you have earned the novice title in traditional trials, you can start the VT system at the open level and so on (I’m not 100% sure about this, but will verify before tomorrow). If you are working toward a life-time points award, the VT points are combined with the traditional points. There are some additional situations where VT and traditional points may be combined, but those are for some very specific things that we can ignore for now.
  • All equipment must meet NADAC rules, and all normal trial rules apply as well. So, the dog must enter the “ring” on leash, and exit the ring on leash as well. Toys or food can not be brought into the ring or within 10′ of it (exception, treats or a small toy that is in a sealed container and invisible to the dog may be kept in a pocket). Tugging on the leash is considered to be playing with a toy, and would lead to elimination. Dog must run naked – no collars etc.
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