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Meeting Minutes December 2, 2012

Minutes of the WHAT Meeting

December 2, 2012


Present: Bonnie, Charles, Anaria, Alecia, Stefan, Deb B., Deb S., Janine, Tracy


Tracy called the meeting to order at 11:15 AM.  She read a letter from Aly Horry, tendering her resignation from the club and her post as Secretary.  Bonnie Bird volunteered to take over the Secretary’s position.


Janine reported on research into a facility for holding winter practices.  The team designated with the task of finding such a facility has located a barn on Birch Bay/Lynden road which may be suitable.  Negotiations are underway for its rental.


Secretary’s Report:  Alecia read the minutes from the July meeting.  They were approved as read.


Treasurer’s Report:  Alecia read the Treasurer’s report, indicating that the club, while still liquid, is in financial straits.  The report was accepted as read.


Old Business:

Agility Equipment.  The club had agreed to buy one of Janine’s tunnels for our practices.  Given our financial situation, Janine said we could defer payment until we had more funds in our account.


In the same vein, the Elvstads agreed to consider their weave poles a loan to the club for the time being.


Stefan reported on progress with the new A-Frame.


Moving Equipment.  Janine asked for help in storing various bits of equipment for the winter.  She said she’d arrange a time for us to meet and store what is left on her field.


New Business:  Alecia proposed the possibility of a distance workshop with either Amanda Nelson or Susan Anderson as a way of raising funds for the club. She encouraged us to think about this while viewing the videotapes we were to see after the meeting.  She suggested New Song stable as a place.  She also suggested that CDTA might pay part of the costs of the program if (a) the person we invite can appear on the CDTA’s monthly program and (b) she provide a five day workshop with VT runs included.


We discussed recruiting new members, among them George Sanders, Drew and Melanie Hartley.


We briefly discussed Foundations of Agility classes with Linda Herring.


Anaria suggested that we hold our monthly meetings at members’ homes for the rest of the winter.  The Elvstads volunteered their blue room at Gandview Business Park if no one wanted to host the meets.  The Birds volunteer their home for Saturday January 5 meeting.


The Meeting Adjourned at 12:00


Respectfully submitted,


Bonnie Bird

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